[rsbac] Help for NETxxx and CAPABILITIES

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Apr 22 10:06:01 2002

On Friday, 19. April 2002 12:44, Amon Ott wrote:
> On Friday, 19. April 2002 12:38, ghorvath@minolta.hu wrote:
> > For remote node I created a Remote-53 Template with number of 104 and set
> > its Min/Max ports to 53. Perhaps it is wrong? I also tried 0 and 65535.
> > Its RC Type [NT] are also set to Named_NETOBJ, Named_NETTEMP.
> >
> > What did I do wrong?
> > I feel that something is missing but cannot research what.
> Let me try again myself, so I can see what happens. I will tell you when I
> am ready.

Short update: You triggered a bug introduced in late pre: wrong use of 
generic list default value feature returned default 0 instead of fallback to 

It seems to work again now in my tree, but I am still working on a UNIX 
address matching problem. Once this is fixed, I will make another pre for you 
to test.