[rsbac] (no subject)

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Apr 22 09:53:01 2002

On Monday, 22. April 2002 07:55, Metrix wrote:
> I am still unable to access /dev/mem, i realise that
> it is better that way, but I would like to do this to
> help me better ubderstand it.
> the logs report as follows:
> messages:Apr 20 17:58:08 Teoma kernel:
> rsbac_adf_request(): request GET_STATUS_DATA,
> caller_pid 1361, caller_prog_name cat, caller_uid 0,
> target-type SCD, tid kmem, attr none, value 0, result

Now that's all I needed.

> what should i enable to allow this? i tried setting
> full access via acl but to no avail...

You must allow access not only to the device, but to the special SCD target 

Start rsbac_acl_menu, choose SCD, select SCD target kmem from list, press 
return on user 0, add GET_STATUS_DATA, press return.

rsbac_acl_menu SCD kmem, return on user 0, ...

Command line:
acl_grant USER 0 GET_STATUS_DATA SCD kmem