[rsbac] /dev/mem

Bencsath Boldizsar rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri Apr 12 13:01:05 2002

the x system under debian wants to access /dev/mem, I don't know if xfs or
xdm or x_server, but something, and cannot start without it.  If I remember
correctly, I had some problem with rights: (Not sure:) the acl system said
that you have no access, but if
I permit a ROLE to use the /dev/mem structure by an ACL, the problem occours
again until I set a rule that allows the
"root" user to use this file. I do not know much about the ACL system, but I
was not fully statisfied :)

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> On Friday, 12. April 2002 05:58, Metrix wrote:
> > i seem to have no access to /dev/mem, as either root
> > or secoff, and i granted root permissions, what is
> > going on? is it stopped by default somehow?
> What is in the log?
> Kernel memory is critical, so it is protected by both device and SCD-kmem
> targets. I strongly recommend not to allow any access to kmem, if not
> necessary. You can do everything nasty through this interface.
> Amon.
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