[rsbac] rklogd 2.0 in 1.2.0-pre6

Stanislav Ievlev rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Apr 9 15:52:02 2002

Amon Ott wrote:

>The rklogd 2.0 included in pre6 does not run as expected: Somehow it tries to 
>access the log with role 0 instead of role 1, and then it exits without 
>cleaning up the pid file, even if the access was granted.
>Everything else seems to run fine on our server, which had already run with 
>pre5 since 26th of March. The old rklogd also worked, until I updated it this 
>Stanislav, could you please try rklogd 2.0 as soon as you test pre6?
OK, I'm too busy now, but I'll try to test it during two next weeks.

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